Design We listen to requirements, audit needs, generate ideas and add a good deal of our experience. Design POS concepts are consulted with the Client on photorealistic renderings.

Production We use our own production and assembly facilities, when it’s necessary – also remote locations. This is what we mean by quality control and production cut to the Client’s budget.

Freight We deal with logistics on most professional level. Our dedicated team deal with procedures and best spedition subcontractors deliver the goods on time in untouched condition.

Development There is no accident in the process. We prototype until the POS is perfect, in case of single units – untill it’s ready to use. We are confident with a veriaty of materials and production methods, which makes us open to unconventional solutions.

Installation POS materials work when in the right place and in the right time. Our service team, as well as local teams, can support your POS project in the most remote destinations.

Post-production Services Our cooperation does not end with delivery and installation. You can count on our continuous suport, such as spare parts exchange, warehousing or refurbishing.


We are a design and production company which is devoted to point-of-sale solutions for premium and travel retail environments such as duty free zones at airports and cruise liners.

Ergo PTR is one of the Ergo companies. The Ergo group has been working for high profile customers for over 25 years. Our solutions are present all around the world within different categories of sales support serving well known premium brands.




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